Dear customers, we sell quality branded products, if it still happens that it is necessary to complain about the goods, please read the information below, which also serves as a complaint procedure.

We provide a 24-month warranty on the products. The warranty period begins on the day of receipt of the goods and the warranty covers defects in the goods that appear within the warranty period. We will not be able to accept the guarantee in the following cases:

- if you have used the product for any purpose other than its intended use
- if you have interfered in any way with the structure of the product
- if the quality of the product has decreased due to normal wear and tear
-if you have performed maintenance contrary to the instructions
-if you have neglected to take care of the product
- if the product has been damaged by careless handling


Conditions of exchange and return of goods

When exchanging or returning unused goods, the following conditions must be observed:

- the goods must be undamaged
- the goods may not be used
- the goods must be complete


When making a complaint, pay attention to the following facts:

- defects must be claimed from the seller without undue delay
- the warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by normal use
- the claimed goods must not be heavily soiled, moldy, wet, strongly smelly. Such goods will not be taken into complaint proceedings
- mechanical interference with the goods is not considered a complaint
- the maintenance of the goods must be carried out in accordance with the label on the product (cleaning, ironing and drying procedures or prohibitions).


Complaints about a damaged package

We carefully pack the goods so that they get to you in order. However, we cannot influence theoretically possible problems during transport. Therefore, when downloading, please pay special attention to:

  • - obviously damaged packaging/box
  • - wet cover/box
  • - open or glued package

Check the package properly before the carrier. If the goods are damaged and the damage indicates that the goods were damaged during transport, do not accept them, they must be reported directly to the carrier and inform us without undue delay.


Complaints about a damaged product

If it happens that you receive a damaged product or a defect occurs during use, please inform us as soon as possible. The sooner you make a complaint about the product, the sooner we will handle the complaint.


Recommended complaint procedure

- When making a complaint, exchanging or returning goods, attach the completed complaint form to the product, which you will find above
- describe the defect of the product in the form, in case it is an unused product and you return it according to the law within 14 days from the delivery of the shipment, just state the account number or the name of the product you are interested in instead of the originally ordered product
- Send the product together with the completed complaint form by the courier company to the address:, EvaMaria s.r.o., M.R.Stefanika 9, 926 01 Sered, Slovakia, EU - The costs associated with sending the goods back are paid by you
-We will inform you via email about the receipt of returned or claimed goods
- The seller decides on the handling of the complaint
- Within a maximum of 30 days from the receipt of the claimed goods, we will inform you about the method of handling the complaint via email.

Place of handling the complaint

Complaints are handled in the business premises of the online store.

Documents required for complaints

In the event of a remote complaint, the buyer is obliged to send a copy of the invoice / block with the completed complaint form, which is attached to the invoice or can be downloaded from this page, together with the goods.

In the event of a personal complaint, the buyer is obliged to bring an invoice/shopping block together with the goods.

Fault description

The defect needs to be described in detail. Otherwise, the handling of the complaint will be delayed.

Complaint handling time

Complaint time is max. 30 days from the confirmation of the defect by the complaint staff that it is a complaint defect. In case of non-compliance with this deadline, the agreement with the customer is followed.

Sending the claimed goods to the customer

You will be informed about the result of the complaint immediately after the end of the complaint procedure by e-mail and a complaint protocol will be delivered to you together with the goods. The cost of transporting the goods back to the customer from the complaint is paid by the seller. If the customer wishes to pick up the claimed goods in one of the stores in person, it is necessary to inform the seller in the complaint protocol or by e-mail at info@klarion[dot]eu. The customer has 30 days from the end of the complaint procedure to take over the claimed goods. After this period, the seller is entitled to dispose of the goods at will.

Warranty period

a. The warranty only applies to functional errors caused during the production of the goods. For all goods purchased from EvaMaria s.r.o. a guarantee is provided.

b. The length of the warranty in months is stated on the delivery note. If no warranty period is specified for the given goods, the warranty is valid for 24 months.

c. The warranty period begins on the day of issue of the tax document, in the case of exchange for another product, the warranty period continues and is extended by the time when the goods were in the complaint.

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

- claiming goods without proof of purchase

- claiming parameters that the manufacturer does not guarantee

- damage caused by the customer, unprofessional handling of goods

- use in unsuitable conditions

- damage to goods during the transport of goods

- repair, modification or attempted repair by the customer

- the warranty does not cover the defect for which a lower price was agreed

Exchange of goods

The claimed goods purchased within 14 calendar days from the sale will be exchanged immediately in the event that the defect is confirmed, provided that the goods are in stock.


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